Monday, March 21, 2011

Milk's Favorite Cookie

Today was a fun filled day of errands, gotta love those Mondays.

Hadley lookin' cute this morning.
Hadley and I got out relatively early today and ran by Toy R Us to look at some stuff for MiMi, then headed to Payless to get some Easter shoes for the Hadster. I called yesterday to find out who still had them because they were no longer online and I was kinda freaking out. One store finally told me there was one left in Hadley's size in Broken Arrow. This morning I went to the one, I thought was Broken Arrow and they didn't have her size, what?!?! I asked the lady and she went and looked it up and came back to tell me yet again there was one left in Hadley's size in . . . Broken Arrow. I was thinking, "Umm, hello. . . I'm in Broken Arrow, gimme the shoes," unfortunately I was in Bixby (Bixby is South of Tulsa and Broken Arrow is East). Obviously I'm still struggling in the geographic department here in Oklahoma. I finally got there and you'll be happy to know Hadley has a pair of Easter shoes!!! After all that we still had to run to Wal-Mart. =(

Tonight's Dinner:
Ever wonder what your going to do with your leftover BBQ meat? Well, you can make soup!! I took home the leftover meat from our cookout the other night and made soup with it today and it was REALLY good.

Chop up your leftover meat.
(Note: When storing your meat don't dump out the juices KEEP IT, it helps to flavor your soup.)

Some of your favorite canned veggies, broth, Worcestershire and a can or 2 of rotel.

Some fresh veggies for good measure.

I also made up some brown rice and mixed it in before serving.

A fat glass of milk and of course, milk's favorite cookie . . . OREOS!
(Don't worry I shared them with Andrew, for those of you who were counting.)

A sneak peek into tomorrow's baking activity!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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