Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just a Tuesday

So I'll start by apologizing that there was no exciting baking activity today, we actually were not home for much of today to be honest which made it a little difficult, but we still had a great day!! As I said yesterday we were going to work on the t-shirts for the boys Virology class on Thursday, which I'll show later, but we also made a playdate out of it.

Jai and Hadley watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.
(Hadley now says, "Oh Toodles!" with the rest of the crew when they need a Mouskatool.)

Baby Hadley enjoying a rock on the horse.
Just relaxing.

A perfect day to play outside.

Apparently it was also a perfect day to play in the dirt, which Hadley did... ALOT!!!

So the boys came to us Monday with the need for these t-shirts and you may be wondering what they are for as we were. Apparently they are playing Microbial Jeopardy in their Virology class Thursday afternoon. They have a team of 8 which coincidentally is the same number of types of herpes (which they're studying... I hope) so they decided to call themselves, you guessed it, TEAM HERPES! Whoever said med school couldn't be fun obviously didn't meet TEAM HERPES.

After getting the numbers put on.

Front & Back

After the shirts were finished Hadley and I came home to spend some time with Andrew. Later Jai came over to play so his parents could go on a date. Hadley and Jai really do have a blast together.

Jake wanted to show off some of his dancing skills.

Hadley chatted it up with Ariel in the chair for a while, it was pretty funny.

Jai went into our room and came up to the door that goes into the playroom and just stood there saying, "Hadley!" and tapping on the glass for her to let him in. She didn't want to get out of the chair so we let him in.
Shortly after his parents came to get him and he went home Hadley was already asking for him. I think she might have her first crush, HA!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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