Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekend Update

This was a very busy weekend. My parents came in Thursday night to spend a couple days putting together a play area in the backyard for the Hadster.

Hadley, Mimi and I met up with all our playgroup friends at Bounce U for a date that morning.
There were obstacle courses...
and slides!!

When we got back home that afternoon Pap-pa had already finished most of the frame.
Hadley noticed a couple screws missing so she helped Pap-pa out.
And gave Daddy a few pointers too.
After placing those last few screws we all went to Tally's for lunch and Hadley came back for some beauty rest to prepare for her princess party that night.

When she woke up we got all decked out for the party from the tiara all the way to light up princess shoes and earrings (clip-ons of course).

When we got to the party they had a table of knight's gear for all the boys to put on. Andrew decided to partake since he had forgotten his costume, ha!

The Birthday Princess opening her presents!

They had a JumpJump set up for the kids, which is where Hadley spent most of the party.

Hadley sitting on the throne.
(What a face, right?)

When we got home from the party Hadley wanted to play outside for a bit but it was starting to get cold. We put on a fleece and hat and she had a blast playing in one of the big boxes from her new toys with Mimi.

We drove to several different places looking for something to fill the pit with and finally decided on gravel. We wanted to do rubber but it was pretty expensive especially for the amount we needed and the lady at one place said in the summer when it gets to be 107* the rubber gets REALLY hot and smells bad.

Mimi putting the telescope on the climber/slide.
(In case you couldn't tell the weather was significantly colder Saturday than Friday, hints the scarf around the face.)

Also on Saturday one of my besties, Kristin, came into town and she also helped with Hadley's play area.

Everybody walking around the cool ledge dad put on the edge for the kids to sit on.

The big reveal!!
As soon as I opened the door and Hadley looked out she said, "Whoa...."
Thank you Mimi and Pap-pa for the AWESOME play area!!!!

This morning we went to church and headed to lunch at Fish Daddy's with Mike and Kristin before they headed back home. This was my first experience at Fish Daddy's and I'll have to say its really good. I got Hawaiian Chicken and it was delicious!!! Well, I'm actually going to attempt a Sunday afternoon nap, wish me luck!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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