Friday, March 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life {My Family}

CeCe and PJ with their granddaughters.
They live in Searcy, AR which is a bit of a drive these days so we don't get to see them as often anymore.

Great Grand-daddy Bob & Carol with their 4 great grandchildren.
PJ's dad and Carol also live in Searcy, just a few miles away.

Andrew with his Grandmother and cousins Helen (far-left) and Megan.
This was CeCe's mom, she passed away shortly after Hadley was born.

The siblings and their girls.
J.O., Rachel, and Andrew (Rachel & Andrew are twins incase it wasn't obvious by the picture, ha!)
Rachel and her husband Adam live in Austin, TX, which makes it hard to see them regularly too. They have a little girl, Harper, who is just three months younger than Hadley.

J.O. and Tamra live in Cabot, AR and have a 4 y/o, Trey and a 2 y/o Addison.

Me with my AWESOME sister-in-laws!!!
Tamra (left) and Rachel (right)

All the kiddos.
Starting from left: Harper, Hadley, Trey & Addi

The whole group at Christmas

Everyone (minus Adam) at Andrew's Commissioning

My parents live in Rogers, AR, which is just a short drive in comparison to the 3 1/2 hour drive it used to take when we lived in Searcy.
Pap-pa with his girls

MiMi and Audrey

My grandparents (Pap-pap & Grandma) with us and my parents at Andrew's White Coat Ceremony.

Below is my Pap-pa & Grandma Williams with my dad, Aunt Kay and Aunt Ruby.
Both of my grandparents have passed away as well as my Aunt Kay, they are all missed, but we know they're enjoying their time where they are now. =)

Some cousins we rarely get to see on my mom's side.
From left: Christy, Me, Jonathan, Jolene, Heather

Sweet Beth getting her blood pressure taken at Christmas.
(another cousin from my mom's side)

Me and my wonderful older sister, Jolene.

My baby brother, Jonathan, and Jolene.

Jonathan (or Uncle Willie to Hadley) getting some quality Hadley time.

Jolene and her husband, Ryan, live in Bentonville, which is also pretty close so we're fortunate to get to see them pretty often.

And this is they're beautiful little girl, Audrey.

Hadley and Audrey ALWAYS have a blast together!

Jake, our almost 5 y/o Schnocker (Schnauzer & Cocker mix).

Some of my favs of our little family!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Janelle this is precious! I didn't know you had a blog about your family :) I admire you taking the time to share with everyone bits and pieces of your blessed life. Hopefully I can find the time to check in from time to time. Take care of that beautiful little girl! :)


    P.S. I'm not sure if you've noticed but that little nephew of mine loves running around after Hadley and Audrey! It's adorable :) haha


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