Friday, March 18, 2011

We're going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo!

This morning we met some friends for a trip to the zoo. It was great except the forecast said 80*, so that's what we dressed for. However the actual temperature was around 63* and windy, which made it pretty chilly. Nonetheless, we had a good time, lips shivering and all. =)

The owl, Sparky, that we met shortly after getting to the zoo.

Checkin' out the monkeys.

The rhinos.

The only picture I have of Hadley and Jai together.

Hadley got really excited when we got to the giraffe.

One of the penguins from the new penguin exhibit.

The tiger says, "RAWRER..."

This was an Andean Bear, its not the most attractive of bears, but Hadley thought it was pretty cool.

The pretty flamingos.

After the zoo we went home for a bit and I started getting things together for the shower on Sunday. Then for dinner we went to a friends' for a really yummy cookout!!

Hadley, rounding up all the lights.

Baby Hadley and her momma!

It was chilly so we had to borrow a hat from Jai.

Hadley also decided to borrow this hat from Jai, while she was at it.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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