Monday, March 7, 2011

The Past Few Days

So I never posted about Andrew's group in their shirts, so here it is. . .
Thursday we went up to school to have lunch with him. A couple of the other wives brought their kiddos and we had a little picnic.

The Hadleys with their daddies.

I think Hadley was eating something, ha!

Some of Team Herpes before Jeopardy.
(Yes, they all wore sunglasses and had a song/radio station playing while they entered. That's my boy!)

After her nap Hadley came out with all her animals.

She thought the purse looked better as a necklace.

Friday, we stayed in our pajamas all day, pathetic I know! I crafted a lot of the day getting stuff ready for the baby shower I'm hosting and starting on stuff for Hadley's birthday. One part of the day Hadley grabbed the stem from one of the fake flowers I was using, stuck it in her slipper and kept saying, "Com'on boy!!"

After nap we put Hadley in her first set of PIGTAILS!!!

This is the only picture I have from Saturday, I just thought Hadley looked cute in her "Mermaid" sunglasses.

Sunday night Hadley and I got ready for bed as soon as we got home from church and crawled into bed to watch Tinker Bell, it was awesome!

This morning we met some friends for an early lunch at Chick-fil-A and then headed to Marble Slab for dessert.
(Trying to decide which flavor to get.)

After ice cream we picked up the mug she had painted last week, which I love. I will be breaking it in tomorrow with a big fat cup of coffee!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. The personalized shirts make ma laugh :). I just have to say that I love your playlist, too. I love Michael Buble's music!


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