Monday, June 13, 2011

A Can of Worms

I have a few prayer requests on my heart that I would really like to share with y'all. I'm sorry for being a bit of a Debby Downer, but they all need your prayers.

#1- My Mom
So a few weeks ago my mom was having some weird symptoms: dizziness, bad headaches in the back of her head, and limb weakness. She went to the doctor and they ran some tests (MRI & carotid ultrasound) the ultrasound came back fine, but the MRI found a few small lesions on her brain and they said she had had a mini stroke. They sent her to a neurologist this last Wednesday for him to confirm the findings and he agreed. He doesn't believe her symptoms will be permanent, but has put her on aspirin and scheduled a CAT scan to get a better look for this upcoming week. She also has a balance test scheduled for Monday to see if that will be a long lasting symptom.

My mom also had a history of cancer and went to her regular oncologist this past Thursday and her vitamin D counts are down which isn't really too horrible but he asked if she was having any issues and she mentioned her left shoulder hurting. He went ahead and did an X-Ray on both shoulders that day. Her right shoulder looks good he said, but her left looks as though "something has been gnawing on it." SO... she also has on MRI for her shoulder as well as a PET scan to check for any cancer next week. He seems hopeful that's its really nothing to worry about, because her blood counts are normal, but still keep her in your prayers.

#2 My Pap-pap
He went to his dermatologist a while back when they noticed a spot under his eye, they did a biopsy and found it is cancerous so he will be undergoing surgery pretty soon to have that removed.

#3 My Sister and BIL
Most of you know my sister and her husband have been trying to adopt from Rwanda for the last 2 years. This winter their paperwork FINALLY made it to Rwanda and was on its way to approval. They were #105 and the last e-mail they received said that I think #92 had received their approval and was moving another step closer. Well today they got a phone call from their agency telling them Rwanda notified them that they were "out of babies!" The agency told them this was a lie and they had been to the orphanage recently and seen the babies and they were going to do their best to fight it. Unfortunately if Rwanda does not have anymore babies for them to adopt in the next 6 months their names will be removed from the list, as well as everyone elses. I cannot imagine what they are going through especially with all the time they have put into this adoption. PLEASE pray for them!
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  1. Oh my word. Praying for all that girl, so hard!

  2. Oh goodness girl, you guys have a lot going on. I'm saying prayers for all of those things.

  3. Janelle, please know that we are praying for all of these things. I know God will take care of your mom, Pap-pap and the adoption situation with Jolene and Ryan. Your family is very special to ours, I will be passing these prayer requests along to them too. Lots of love and hugs to you girl!!

  4. Janelle, I'm adding these to my prayer list. Please keep us updated!


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