Friday, June 3, 2011

T.G.I.F. Favorites!

Thank Goodness It's Friday Favorites!
It's been a couple weeks since I've done this so I've included a few from last week.

Favorite Innovation:
A make-shift water table out of a large rubbermaid tub at CeCe & Pajee's house.

Favorite Safe-Room Moment Ever:
We were in Searcy with my in-laws when all the bad storms came through. The night they were to hit Oklahoma and NW Arkansas my sister drove down with Audrey. The next morning she went home but left Audrey to hang out with us so she didn't have to ride another 3 1/2 hours in the car.
That evening we had some storms roll in and we were issued a Tornado Warning. My in-laws were gone, Andrew was out seeing a friend and it was just me with the girls and Jake. I frantically run around grabbing every water bottle in site as well as nuts, goldfish, and both the girls juices. Threw them into the safe-room which is in our in-laws outer garage. Then I went upstairs to grab both girls (who I might add were both napping) tuck one under each arm and run trying to make sure Jake is with me back out to the safe-room. All this while panning my site for any random toys I could throw in there as well. A few minutes later Andrew gets home and brings in the computer as well as a DVD and we spent a good 30 minutes just chillin'. Needless to say it just rained and we were all fine, but I felt much better in there.

All-Out Favorite Picture of the Week:
All the water donations just at the Mt. Hope Church of Christ in Webb City, MO.

Favorite Hadley Quotes:
"What is it?"
"That's Hadley's."
"Is this ________?"
"Uh-oh, its a bug."
"Let me hold it." (In reference to someone holding it for her.)
"Bug in eye! Its better?"
"That's silly."

Favorite Andrew Pic:
Andrew's favorite spot in the summer, very fitting picture.

Favorite Meal of the Week:
I could eat this burger EVERY day, which Andrew actually did this week.

Favorite Mommy/Hadley Time:
In the kitchen fixin' up some dinner for friends.

Favorite Artwork:
Hadley's finger painting masterpiece.

Favorite Activity:
Lounging outside while Hadley plays her heart out.

Favorite Hadley Moment:
Found Hadley with an Oreo cookie face, but was worried because we didn't have any. I asked her what she was eating to which she responded, "Cookie." She then proceeded to hold up the washer and dryer unit that goes in her dollhouse. I then see an Oreo, to which she had shoved at some point into the dryer, that she is now scooping out with her finger and eating what remains.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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