Tuesday, June 28, 2011

First Annual Girls Trip!!!

One word: AMAZING
We've already discussed the fact that this will in fact be an annual trip and I can already say I'm looking forward to next year!!!

The trip there was about 10 hours with stops but with the four of us girls it went by so fast and we had a blast. We had plenty of hilarious moments.
For example, when stopping to go to the bathroom in Milton, AL at Evan's Hardware, because the gas stations bathroom was out of order and the places around had hand written signs saying, "No public Restrooms." We walk in and all I can hear in my head is the music to deliverance. One of the girls asks about a restroom to which a man in a rocking chair with about 5 teeth says, "Just falla (follow) them arras (arrows) on the flo and them'ill take ya right to it." We follow the arrows as we've been told to the very back of this hardware store. On our way we pass a man with no shirt or shoes. (Which makes the sign we saw next door, "No shirt no shoes no service" make a lot more since.) Finally we made it and oh my, but when a girl's gotta go.... They were decorated with floral hand towels which had probably been there since Evan's opened back when and above the men's restroom toilet there was poetry. "If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie and wipe the seatie." So true. We left without washing our hands only because the small amount of bar soap that was left seemed as though it would leave our hands more dirty than what they were to start. We had sanitizer in the car that would get the job done.
We had several amusing photo op moments (which we didn't take any) on the way there as well. Examples: 1- a motorized scooter in a spot at sonic, 2- a blimp flying over Tallulah, LA, 3- A handpainted rainbow sign advertising free massages, 4- Transylvania, LA continuing to celebrate Christmas all year round with their Christmas trees lining the middle of the creek that runs through their town, just to name a few.

Once we got there we enjoyed a bit of this scenery.

Then we headed out to dinner at the Oyster Bar, where we met this gator.

Well, the Weather Channel predicted rain the whole time we were there and guess what?!?! It was SUNSHINE CITY!

Our three little preggers on the beach.

Five of us went to dinner and shopping in Foley while the other 2 went to dinner and a concert in Mobile.
Dinner and shopping group.

Dinner was at Lulu's where we met Meghon and her sweet boy Bryant and it was great. We also ran into our sweet friend Kelly while we were waiting for our table, craziness.

Floppy hat anyone?

Our three glowing beauty's taking a rest after stocking up on some serious baby gear and some stuff for themselves. =)

*All the shoppers*

The next morning on the beach was another sunny one and we took advantage.

A little fuzzy but the group before heading to dinner at the Gulf Island Grill.

Its just not the beach without a fruity drink.

The mommas of the group.

My sweet Heather (HEADA!)

Claire and I with the dolphins.

Wondering what to do with your leftover crab legs?

Heather and her hair had an accident resulting in a busted pair of glasses, ha.

It was a short trip so the next day we headed home but not before stopping on Mobile with some friends for lunch. This was such a great trip and I LOVE all my girls!!!

The trip home was filled with even more photo ops (which we again didn't take): 1- Empty warehouse with a hand-painted "Car Wash" sign above the opening, 2- Pretty much everything we saw on the way there.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Looks like you have a blast!!! I love your swimsuits!!! So So CUTE!!!!


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