Sunday, June 5, 2011

Weekend Update!


We helped some friends of ours who were moving out of their apartment. Hadley and I "helped" by going swimming with Jessica & Baby Hadley while the boys moved everything.
(And by helping I mean we made it much easier for them by staying out of the way, right?)


Our Sunday was vey productive. We went to Bible class and church this morning and then headed to Old School Bagel for lunch. When we got home I headed out to mow while Andrew cleaned his grill and Hadley napped. When the Hadster woke up we sat out her pool and she played for a while before we headed to Community Groups.

Our Community Group had a pool party and everybody had a blast!

Little Owen's first swim in a pool, he's a natural!

Lori, my P90X buddy, and her 2 boys.

Lorelei getting ready to go down the slide like a big girl!
She was a little stunned at how fast it was and took a little break by the blackberry bushes.

Hadley, my water baby, had SO much fun!

Jumpin' off the side.

Going down the slide!

Swimming all by herself!
YAY, Hadley!!!

Before we left she had to climb up the cool rock wall and go down the slide.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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