Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Update & then some...

Well, for those of you who were wondering my computer was being a bit of a dud and that is why I didn't have a T.G.I.F. Favorites this last Friday. For those of you who weren't wondering I told you anyway, ha. =)
So, this post is starting a bit before the weekend mainly because of the above statement, "My computer was being a bit of a dud."

We met some friends of ours and put a little more mileage on our Zoo passes.

Our zoo friends.

This is a usual stop point upon entering the zoo. I mean how could a kid who LOVES water walk past a massive marble/granite/some kinda rock ball spinning on water.

Our male elephant, Floppy.

The guys decided to climb the rock wall. Yes it is intended for climbing, but I think when they built it they were picturing older children not adults, but who am I to say. =)
Ross won.
Andrew made it!!!

Taking a cruise through the Rainforest.

*Monkeying Around*
(I think my head was technically supposed to be turned sideways.)

You know we can never pass up a carousel.
Hadley wanted to ride Bambi.

Time for the train:
This has become our traditional wrapping up the zoo thing.
Such a fun little girl!

YAY, its here!
The flower really brings out his eyes, don't you think?

After the zoo we got Hadley a floating thing that she can actually swim by herself with. We got her a vest, but she own't wear it. A friend of our let us use their "Puddle Jumper" and Hadley loved it, so..... you know the rest.

Thursday night was one of my FAVORITE things.... Girls Bible Study night! This was sweet Holly's (bottom row, second from the right) last Bible study before they move. =(

My workout buddy's husband has fridays off. We didn't get all 3 workouts done before Friday, so we did it then. I brought Andrew and Hadley and they hung out with her husband and kiddos while we did Leg & Back (+ Ab Ripper X). I would have much rather been outside playing with the kiddos.

When we got home Andrew's grill cover had come in!!

The usual outdoor play. This child pretty much lives outside and I love it!

Friday night we grilled some amazing chicken and vegetables that I'll probably be posting on the food blog pretty soon. Then we put Hadley to bed and I rocked Andrew's world in some Disney Trivia!

Was a very busy day. I headed up to the school that morning to help with the SAA presentation at Admitted Students Day and then headed over to our SAA meeting for the afternoon. After the meeting I made my way home and had a few hours to relax.
Then, we headed over to some friends from church for a cookout and playtime for the kids. They introduced us to a really fun game, Compatibility.

Today was nice. We actually got up early and went to early service! Then headed to class and went out to lunch with our sweet friends Jeremy & Holly for their last Sunday. =( We're going to miss you guys!!!

My sweet girl flippin' through her Bible before church.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. That "life vest" is the one I need! Do you know where your friend got it or what the actual brand is called??? I don't think Lola would wear any of that but I could sure try! I know she won't put a life vest on and I also thought about floaties!!! Any suggestions??? Love the zoo pictures!! Such a sweet family!!!

  2. Sara its awesome and it really is called a "Puddle Jumper," that atleast what it said on the hanger. Anyway you can find them at Academy Sports or we got ours at a Sun & Ski. Hadley didn't like the vest because she would always lean to one side or the other.


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