Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Winning, Losing and Swimming

So after we got Hadley to bed Sunday night Andrew and I had a Monopoly challenge and I won!!! I was so pumped I just had to take pictures. =) Andrew was gloating before the game about how bad he was going to beat me and *BAM* jokes on him, ha. I pretty much put him away with those hotels on Boardwalk and Park Place.
Monday was a very full day. Hadley and I met with the girls for our P90X workout. Then we picked up daddy. He dropped me off to grocery shop while he took my car in to get what he thought would be a new tire. (Since we've been back from Joplin we've found 2 nails in our tires. No new tires needed, just patches.) After that it was home for some cleaning. I had some me time while I got my nails done and then we grilled for dinner.

While Andrew grilled Hadley and I just hung out.

I checked out my vegetables. I HAVE TOMATOES!!!

Hadley found a stick to hang out with.

Grilled pork chops, grilled veggies, and 12 grain toast

After dinner and putting Hadley to sleep Andrew challenged me to another Monopoly game. This one unfortunately ended with a different outcome, I lost. But he hasn't seen the last of me, mwah hahaha. ;-)
Today was beautiful and we indulged ourselves by going swimming with some of our friends in their neighborhood pool. (Which by the way is the BEST neighborhood pool I've ever been to.)

Love the bottom picture. Andrew told Hadley to turn around so he could get her back and that's what she did, ha.
Beach style entrance, whale tale that shoots out water and a bucket that fills up and dumps out on top of you, too much fun.
Snack break.
Despite her face in the bottom picture she was actually having fun.

*The aftermath*
Poor Andrew really did put on 100 SPF, but it was windy so he only has a few spots where it got on his skin, oops my bad. =/

After swimming we ran some errands and came home to prepare for the cookout we were having with the Owens at our house. It was pretty much the same meal we had for Memorial Day, but we added some steamed broccoli & carrots.
After dinner we played a little Mario Party while snacking on some chocolate chip cookies, yum! This summer has really gotten off to a GREAT start!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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