Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Past Few Days

Just a few more AWESOME summer days to put in the books!

Monday, after hitting up some Kenpo X with the girls, we headed to Rogers. We picked up Audrey and hung out at Mimi and Pap-pa's for a while before we left for the Drillers v. Naturals game. The kiddos went to the game with Mimi & Pap-pa and the rest of us headed to Marketplace Grill for a pre-game meal.

Jonathan & Stephanie

Me & Jo

Hadley & Kristin headed to the blow up games.

Hadley was a little scared of this guy at first but once she saw Audrey in there jumping she figured it was ok.

Then it was time for the slide.
She loved this so much I actually had to go up and get her off because once she came down she started crawling back up again. =/

Then we headed over to the play area.

and the mister

Kristin and Mike enjoying the game.
Grandma & Pap-pap
Andrew and I headed home early with the girls and they pretty much passed out shortly after getting in their pjs.

Tuesday, we had Audrey so the girls spent most of the day playing dress up. We met Jolene and Ryan for lunch at Mad Pizza and then met up again for dinner before heading to Uncle Willie's softball game. After the game we picked up Jake and headed home and boy was that an adventure.

So, I decided to give Andrew a break from the whole driving thing since he drove to Rogers. Shortly after getting on 244 heading to Tulsa we start seeing lightning and LOTS of it. Many may take the time to enjoy this, as Andrew did, me and my neurotic personality went into freak out mode. With every strike I was skimming the sky for funnel clouds as I would hear Andrew say, "WOW, that was AWESOME. Did you see that one?" I then spent the next 30 minutes asking Andrew questions like:
* What would happen if our car was struck by lightening?
*If our car was struck by lightening, would insurance cover any damages.
* Would the tires on the car save us from being hurt if we were struck by lightening?
*Would you check the weather warnings for (whatever city we were in)? -this was about every 5 minutes
* And so on, you get the idea.

Of course we're, I mean I, the person who hates driving in the rain more than anything else in the world, am driving right into this storm. The wind picks up as does the rain and hail, yes...HAIL. I am freaking out and can no longer see 2 feet in front of my car going 20 miles an hour. I started praying harder than I probably ever have before and then I saw lights for a gas station. We made it but I really think that took about 10 years off my life. Just so you get a glimpse of this storm here's a picture of the signs that had come off the awning. There were also paper towels everywhere as they were blown off the posts and tree branches on the roads. Needless to say when we got back on the road Andrew was driving.

This morning after our workout Lori hosted a playgroup with all our church friends.
Tonight was church and our Cherry Berry date.
Awww... life is good!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Oh my gosh, I have pure panic attacks about driving in the rain! Oh and I LOVE that blue and tan tank top you are wearing in the second pic. Where did you get it? :)

  2. Gordmans, I love that store especially for cute, cheap tops.

  3. That is SO scary!!!!!!!!!! Anytime we have severe weather, I ask Josh 10 million "what if" questions!


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