Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Lovin'

So yesterday was a fun day. Andrew got motivated and put Hadley's bed together only to find out that with her crib we actually need the extenders because without them its not wide enough for a full size mattress, BOO!!! We didn't find this out until we called the company but thankfully we're getting the extenders for free, YAY!

Yeah they're pretty serious, these puppies aren't going anywhere.

Hadley and I played outside for a while and I saw that one of my tomatoes was ready for picking!

Dinner was amazing. We had salad, steamed broccoli, mashed cauliflower, and sun-dried tomato with asiago cheese chicken sausage (without the casing, which is why its so wrinkly).
Andrew and I finished the night by watching Just Go With It.

Hadley's amazing breakfast this morning.
(Seriously, I tasted that waffle and it was like candy.)

After breakfast we headed outside. While Hadley played I read one of the books on my summer reading list, ha.

Tonight we had a shower for a couple at church at a neighborhood splash pad. The grown ups hung out while all the kiddos played. It was great!

One of the best pictures from the evening, ha! Landon was in need of a restroom and there were none to be found. I guess this is one of the nice things about having a young boy.

Embarrassing Moment of the Evening:
Hadley kept going over to the water spouts that go straight up and straddling them. Then she would look up at me and point at her booty and start yelling, "My booty, my booty!!"
I also just wanted to add that I only have a few more posts until I leave for a 4 day girls trip to the beach!!! I can't wait!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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