Friday, January 21, 2011

Bring on the Weekend!

Addy Update:
So as I said yesterday poor Addy was admitted to Children's last night. She was so dehydrated that she didn't pee until this morning around 5, which was after 4, yes 4, bags a fluid. Alas, she will be staying again tonight. She is currently on isolation, since they're still unsure of what's causing her diarrhea. Because she's on isolation she can't go to the playroom and is restricted to either playing in her room or riding around in her wagon, which she has been doing a lot of. Please keep her and the rest of the family in your prayers, she is one sick little girl. Oh and to top it off today is J.O.'s birthday. Happy Birthday shout out to J.O., sorry your baby girl is in the hospital!

Other Norman Happenings
Chillaxin' before running errands.
Got my Hobby Lobby and skinny latté fix in today.
After Hobby Lobby, the Hadster and I headed back home, ate some lunch and went down for a nap. Well, Hadley at least went down for a nap, I on the other hand worked on a couple projects.

Today's Projects:
I got this lamp in a set of 2 when we first got married. It was originally gold with decorative ribbon on the top and bottom of the shade. I started the redo a while back and painted the base a satin nickel and tore the ribbon off the shade.
Today I measured out the burlap.
And hot glued it onto the shade.
Then I cut a strip of fabric that I've had for a while, which matches the curtains in our room.
and tied it around the shade.
Simple, yet satisfying.
Wipe Cover
I made one of these a while back for Hadley but it got really dirty and gross so I striped off the old fabric and started over. Hopefully Hadley will be out of diapers soon, but its always good to have wipes handy regardless of if your kiddo is still in diapers or not.

After Nap
Lovin' on Raja
Cookin' up something yummy.

Hadley's after nap snack.
When she was done my wonderful/brilliant daughter placed her bowl next to the sink, ALL BY HERSELF!!!

For another small project I'm working on I needed to make a quick trip to Lowe's. While we were there Hadley just had to take a ride on the tractor.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Love the lamp shade. You are seriously becoming Martha herself. Thanks for the prayers for Addy! You were very well known around children's so Janelle's niece got a lot of great attention!


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