Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shakin' Bakin'... Wednesday!

Today was yet another eventful day in the Norman home. We started with running uptown to get the oil changed in my car, which was nice except I had to drop it off at 7:30 this morning, BOO! Andrew dropped us off and headed to school.

The Hadster and I made Jell-O!

After the Jello-O Andrew came back and picked us up to go get my car. Then we ran some errands and headed back home for Hadley to put together her tea party.

Tea Party, please!

(Just your regular Kellogg's recipe.)
What happens when you let your 1 y/o pour the marshmallows:
What Hadley did while I picked up the marshmallows:
Mixed in some Valentine sprinkles!
Some festive cookie cutters!
Little rice crispy balls with the leftover treats.
A lotta yummies!

Then it was "nap" time.
This was after Hadley had been in her room for about an hour.
I gave her benadryl today for her nose, which unfortunately makes her super hyper, hints that no nap.

After her little show she helped me put them away, such a sweetie.
After another hour of trying to get her to go to bed I gave up. Hadley found a comfy spot on the couch with her afternoon buddies: thermometer and saline spray. Yeah, I'm not sure either but she carried them around with her for about an hour or so.

Tomorrow's the big play group. I've hosted play dates with like one or two kiddos, but this will be my first group so hopefully it goes well. My treats are already done and I've got a craft table set up, wish me luck.
Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Love the rice krispie treats! Saturday I caught Anna-Kate playing in her room during naptime- wish I could say that it gets better but sometimes there are just those days where naps are not happening! Hope your play date went well!!


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