Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Mumbo Jumbo!

Yesterday will probably be Andrew's last Saturday that he'll spend at home through the rest of the semester, so we just spent some time hanging out just the fam. That morning he went to pick up his books and medical instruments and then we took Jake and the Hadster on a walk.
Gettin' some pictures with our sweet girl before we left on our walk.
We stopped to play at the park in our neighborhood.
Hadley loves the slide!!!
After our walk we checked out a couple antique shops just down the road from our house and then headed to Tally's for dinner, SUPER YUM!

Hadley and I have both been congested for the past few days and today I woke up and hit a wall, I've reached another level of feeling sick and its pretty horrible. By the end of the day I mustered up the energy to vacuum Hadley's playroom and she thought she would help out.
Tonight for dinner we used our new panini press (thanks Norman crew) and had sandwiches. This has been a regular thing since we've been home. I might be obsessed with it!
Just looking at this picture makes me want to go make another one, it was so good!!!
Another highlight of today was that it snowed. Well...kinda. Mostly flurries for today, but hopefully we'll get something worth talking about tomorrow. I can't wait for Hadley to play in the snow this year. Last year we had a couple good snows but she wasn't really old enough to enjoy them.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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