Friday, January 7, 2011

Hadley's 20 Months!

So a couple big milestones today:
  1. Andrew started back to school. =( Its been nice having him around all the time.
  2. HADLEY IS 20 MONTHS OLD!! When did this happen?
Introducing my day in a nutshell is what Hadley's room looked like when I got her out of bed this morning. Emptying out her drawers is a big thing for her right now.....who am I kidding its pretty much ALWAYS been her "big thing."
Since Andrew went back to school today Hadley and I worked on getting back into our regular routine, slowly but surely. Hadley did NOT take a nap today. I tried for 2 hours, repeatedly going in to put her back in bed as well as rocking her twice for 10-15 minutes, in which time she did everything but close her eyes. By 2:45 I was done, so I got her ready and we ran some errands.
Afterwards I ran through Sonic and got her an Apple Juice Slush, which she punctured a hole in and it came pouring out into her seat and all over her. She was crying because it was cold and I was calling in to see if they could bring a cup replacement. The sweet girl brought a new cup and helped me transfer what was left and also brought us lots of napkins!

Here are some pictures of my big girl playin' outside! I let her pick out her outfit and she really wanted to wear the pumpkin jacket.

Since we've been back I've been trying to get unpacked, caught up with laundry, organize new Christmas gifts and sadly taking down Christmas decor. =( Below is our new bedding we got for Christmas this year. Yay, we're finally getting our room together!
Thanks for checkin' in!!
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