Monday, January 31, 2011

Addy's Birthday Weekend!

This was one busy weekend. Hadley and I made a trip to Searcy this weekend. #1- Because it was Addy's birthday on Saturday and #2- Andrew had a big test scheduled for tomorrow, so we were giving him some quality book time (more on this later). I have tons of pictures so I tried to save you the complete overload by putting most of them into collages.

Hadley was so funny and had a blast on the trip there. She even took a good nap which was nice for me.
Once we got to Searcy we had a wonderful homemade meal provided by The Mixing Bowl (Sorry Anna we go back and forth between them and y'all). Then for dessert we went into town for some FroYo Factory, YUM!! After dessert Hadley showed Pj and Cece how she can put her shoes on all by herself.

That morning I took Hadley shoe shopping. She has a few that fit pretty well right now but NO church shoes. Last week I put her in her Sunday shoes (size 5) and noticed they were really small. Today I got her foot sized and she's in a 6 1/2!!! I feel so bad for even trying to put her foot in those other shoes.
Next was Addy's Birthday party and it was a blast we all had a ton of fun. I can't believe this girl is 2!!!
The picture in the middle is Addy explaining to Tamra that she can't blow out the candles because they're too hot.
Opening Presents!!!
And for the highlight of the party.... Playing outside was the excitement of this JANUARY birthday. It was a beautiful 70* and the kids jumped and played outside for a good hour or more.
Hadley L-O-V-E-S to jump and when all the other kids got off and went to play with other things, Hadley stayed and jumped by herself.
Now that Addy is a big girl she needs a big girl bed and here it is!
(Click here -->PBkids<-- to see the adorable bedding she's getting.)
Then we moved the party to Pj and Cece's for dinner. When we first got to the house I found Rachel's old kitchen over the outer garage and cleaned it up and the girls had a blast playing with it.
Then it was dinner and WATERMELON, Hadley thoroughly enjoyed it!

Getting ready to go to church!
Hadley's new church shoes...
Playin' around before leaving for church.
After nap Hadley wanted to watch Princess and the Frog.

Here's some pictures of Hadley playing around the house before we went out for lunch with Cece's friend Mrs. Jan Bell, at The Cookie Basket.
We headed back to Tulsa shortly after lunch today because we are supposed to get some serious ice (1 inch) and snow (6-12 inches). It hasn't started yet but Andrew already got an email from school canceling his classes for the next two days. Pray that we still have power tomorrow because its been said this ice storm is supposed to be worse than the one in 2009.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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