Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day!

Andrew got up this morning as usually to go to class but learned shortly after leaving this morning there was no class today, SNOW DAY!!! Today was such a fun day, we had a great time outside in the snow and playing inside.

Playin' in the Snow!
Of course before we went out we had to get all our layers on, which Hadley was thrilled about.
Our house in the snow. =)

She didn't want to come inside, but her gloves were soaked and her face (nose especially) was bright red.
I love me some snow days!!

Building Towers!
Andrew was so funny. He wanted so bad to build a really big tower but Hadley kept coming by and wiping it out even if there were only a few blocks stacked up. Andrew got her occupied with something else so he could build this mansion of a tower.
Hadley saw it shortly after me taking a picture and this was the result.

Tonight's Dinner:
Penne Pizza
(Recipe on the food blog)

A great way to end an AWESOME snow day!! Games and homemade chocolate chip cookies!
Thanks for checkin' in!!
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