Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Update {I hope you like pics}

What a weekend!! Andrew was pretty busy with school stuff because he has 2 tests this week but he was able to spend a little time with the fam while they were in town.

My parents came in town with Audrey around 9:00 Friday night. Hadley's normal bedtime is around 8:00, but she was so excited about seeing Audrey we let her stay up. They had so much fun and actually ended up being up till almost 11.

Late night tea party!
Dance party with Hadley's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse bike.

We got up early enough for Andrew to eat breakfast with us at Tally's and boy was it worth it. The girls shared pancakes, mom and I got french toast and Andrew and dad both got omelets. After breakfast Andrew headed to school and the rest of us hung out at the house.

Couch JumpJump
After nap we got the girls ready for dinner, where we were meeting Jolene and Ryan so they could pick up Audrey.

Pretty cute, huh?!

Hadley crying . . . Audrey smiling

Poor, Audrey. . . I mean Princess Aurora she was so sad.
(Audrey crying on the floor like Princess Aurora when she found out she couldn't be with Prince Phillip.)

Hadley/Fairy Godmother helping Cinderella/Audrey.

We made it to early service Sunday, which is rare in this house, but it makes for a long day which is nice. After church and lunch mom and I braved the JBF sale and got some cute things.

Before heading out on our adventure.
Mom and dad left shortly after JBF and we just hung out for the rest of the day watching, you guessed it, the OSCARS!!!

Today I met a couple girlfriends at JBF, yes again, because they were supposed to be bringing out some new stuff. I found a couple outfits, but really spent most of my time running around after Hadley.

The compilation of today and yesterday's purchases.
Some cutesy dresses.
And a SIT -n- SPIN!!

After JBF we met our play group for a fun time at Color Me Mine. Unfortunately when we got there they were running behind and weren't open yet. But then we realized maybe "unfortunate" wasn't the right word because there was in fact a Marble Slab that was open. While we patiently waited for CMM to open we munched on some yummy ice cream.

Apryl and her sweet girls.

Charity and Jadyn.

Baby Hadley

As luck would have it as soon as I got Hadley's ice cream CMM opened, so we took our snack to-go.

After CMM Airika had a doctor's appointment so Jai came over for a little while to play.

Both kiddos ended up taking a great nap and when they got up me, Airika and Jessica met at Hobby Lobby to get stuff for the boys shirts they requested for their Virology lecture on Thursday. They recruited us to make them and as I said earlier today we met to get the supplies and tomorrow the construction begins. I'll post a finished picture, I think they're going to be pretty funny.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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