Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Day @ Silver Dollar City

This was actually the day before we left for SDC. We were measuring the girls back-to-back to see how close they were.
Can you believe there's a year between those two?

*Silver Dollar City*

Of course first things first we had to ride:
*The Frogs*

*The Ladybugs*

*The Butterflies*

Making a stop at the cool water ball on our way to the wet rides.

*Lost River & American Plunge*
We were on the ride for AP but Hadley decided last minute she didn't want to.
Please look at her face in the top/right picture riding Lost River, ha!

For lunch we had the best skillet meal. For those of you familiar with SDC the skillet by the waterfall with the Harvest Medley is the BEST!!! The girls had their usual corn on the cob with some extras.

After lunch Hadley passed out.
This was Audrey trying not to wake her up.

Audrey got her hair done.

Grandma and Pap-pap came too.
Grandma can never pass up a chance for roller coaster rides.

Audrey tossing in the bucket and Hadley still sleeping.
{Hour and a half nap people.... in SDC!}

*Roller Coaster & Racing Boats*
While Hadley slept Grandma and Audrey rode the roller coaster and Audrey and Jo rode the racing boat things.

*Tea Cups*

Hadley finally woke up so they both rode the elephants.

Mimi and Pap-pa got Hadley an umbrella since Audrey got her hair done.

She also got this Dora balloon and
a chocolate covered strawberry
You know we love us some Silver Dollar City!!
Such a fun day!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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