Thursday, August 11, 2011

Since We've Been Home!

Well, this is Andrew's last week before he starts school so we are trying to enjoy our time with him.
* * *
Monday, we took Hadley to see the Smurfs movie. She loved it and sat through the entire thing. As the credits started rolling Hadley said, "I want to watch Smurfs again."
I think she had fun. =)

That night Andrew and I made Hadley some homemade chicken nuggets. We tried to recreate Planet Hollywood's Chicken Crunch, which has the Cap'n Crunch and Corn Flake crust.
They might not have been exact but we sure thought they were tasty.
* * *
Tuesday, we took Hadley to Big Splash, which she of course loved. We got in the wave pool this time and she had a blast. She wore her floaty but still wanted to only be where she could touch so Andrew didn't have to hold her.
Sorry I don't have any pictures it really is sad times when your camera isn't working.
* * *
Wednesday was great. Andrew and I did some early anniversary celebrations. We both were so eager to give each other our gifts that we went ahead and opened them, ha. I mean its actually on Friday so we aren't that far off.

Andrew got a new replacement for his busted Ray-Bans. I got the hardest ones to destruct so maybe they'll survive Hadley this time.
Andrew got me a new baby, I mean camera!
It pretty much is my new baby though, I LOVE IT!!!

Of course I had to play with it a bit!
* * *

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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