Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Loving My Life!

Well as usual the last few days have been relatively busy, so I'm taking this time to relax and write it all down. =)
(Oh and Hadley and I will be postponing our Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday activity until Thursday again, as we will be taking cookies up to the school on Friday in celebration of the first test week of the semester being over.)

Sunday, we went to church and had lunch with some friends. And afterwards the rest of my day consisted of:
This . . .
. . . and this
With brief moments of entertainment by Hadley.

Monday was more of the above, with a Hobby Lobby run, Wal-Mart trip, a family walk, and some cleaning. One of the things cleaned was Hadley's comforter, which bled in the wash. Which I washed in COLD, by itself, and with an Oxi-Clean-Max Force tab. I was super bummed.
But I was quickly cheered up when Hadley wanted to try on her Razorback Cheerleading outfit and CALL THE HOGS!!

Today I got up and first thing called the company I got Hadley's bedding from. Good news, they're giving me a refund!! I just have to send it back so they can verify it did infact bleed. With all that said I have started looking for new bedding and I am going with a new color scheme for Hadley's room. I'm so excited and I have several projects I've already started that I'll be blogging about soon.

After the phone call and a little victory dance Hadley and I met up with some friends for a swim date.
This was Miss Aubrey's first time to go swimming!

After swimming we had to make another Hobby Lobby run for the week to get some of the final touches for Sunday & Monday's crafting. Then we headed home to start dinner.

My little blue eyed blonde, playing with some ribbon.

While I was trying to get dinner finished I put in Tangled for Hadley to watch, she then decided the best place to watch was from the kitchen table. Such a mess!
After the movie was over she came into the dining room with one of Andrew's shirts over her head and said she was Mother Gothel, ha!

Tonight's Dinner:
Homemade Butternut Squash Soup and Grown-Up Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
(I will be posting the sandwiches to the blog soon.)

After dinner Hadley brought one of her diapers into the dining room and started sticking it on her face.
Meet Miss Diaper Beard!

After dinner I also finished my project, yay!! This is for a sweet little girl who's turning 2 with a Nemo themed birthday. Happy early birthday Miss Addi!
Few... I think I'm off to bed.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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