Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun @ PJ & Cece's!

Well, thank goodness for the Apple Store we now have a working Mac!!

So last week, while Andrew was finishing up his AMP (Aerospace Medicine Primary), we spent some time with his parents, "Pajee" (PJ) and Cece. I have several pictures (surprise) so I'm not going to write very much.

Night one Hadley had a blast playing with Cece's old school maginfying glass. Then it was a yummy dinner and finger wars between Cece and Pajee. (I can't really explain finger wars, you really just need to see it.)

Cousin Addy came to play on Tuesday.

Sweet girls saying bye-bye after a long evening of playing.

Hadley and I worked a lot on our letters. When I make the sounds with them she is able to identify 17. Not too bad for a just turned 2 y/o.

Hadley had a LOT of fun jumping on the neighbors trampoline. Unfortunately you come off it a complete MESS.
There was a bit of editing needed on this one, ha!

Sharing popcorn with Pajee.

Thursday we went to Splash Zone in Jacksonville with cousins Trey and Addy.
*Breakfast at McDonald's*

*Splash Zone*

Friday morning we met up with our friends Josie and Elijah to play. Hadley wore herself out with Elijah they had a blast. I didn't realize Hadley knew who Spiderman was until we got there and she saw all his comic book characters. After that playdate I think she knows several more. Thanks for having us over Sandlins!

Friday evening we went to play with our friends Addi E and Ashley.

After a DELICIOUS dinner we went swimming.
(This was right before my camera took a dive off into a rock pit.)

Saturday I was able to turn my camera on if I pushed the front cover down and to the left. And as long as I didn't try to zoom in or out it did pretty well. =)

I got a few pictures of Hadley swimming with Cece and jumping off the diving board.
That evening I went to the wedding that I last posted about, it was absolutely beautiful.
Congrats Andi and Collin!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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