Thursday, April 12, 2012

This -n- That

This is a random compilation of our last few days.  Starting with a new find at Wal-Mart on Monday.  
When picking up my coffee I noticed it shares an aisle with the milk syrups.  Then, I saw these cool straws with little beads inside them.  Apparently you just stick one of these bad boys into a cup of milk and when you drink through it it makes your milk whatever flavor you purchased.
For us it was Strawberry Banana. 

Tuesday, Hadley had her art show at MDO, which I posted on yesterday.  If you missed the pictures you can check them out, HERE.

Wednesday, we were pretty lazy.  I picked up and Hadley played and dressed up.

Hadley and her ponies for a lunch date.

They each had their own tea cup to sit in.

I went into Hadley's room later that day to get some laundry and saw her display of dinosaurs.

Before church we went on a family jog and then had stuffed chicken breast and salad.

We've been sitting in on a parenting class, provided by our amazing youth minister, and its VERY eye opening to what kids are being faced with these days.  I am officially terrified of Hadley growing up. You can help to keep me accountable she WILL NOT have a computer or TV w/ cable in her room and the only phone she will have will be the one that only has 3 emergency contacts in it.  Yes, essentially I am going to TOTALLY shelter my child, ha.

Tonight Andrew had a basketball game so Hadley and I came to cheer him on!  They lost, which stinks, but it was a fun family outing.
Hadley played with her ponies and would stop every once in a while to clap when she heard everyone else doing it.

This weekend The Hads and I are off to Rogers again for my niece's 4th Birthday!  I can't believe that little girl is going to be 4!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. i'm all for putting our kids in a bubble! a few of my teacher friends terrify me with what's going on in ELEMENTARY school!
    love hadley's pigtails :)

  2. Ugh, it's scary what is going on with the little ones. :( I gotta try those milk things and post that recipe for the chicken! It looks delish!!!

  3. very cute pictures! love the ponies joining in at lunch. very cute!

    hope you had a great weekend :)

    {I have a giveaway going on right now. Love for you to enter!}


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