Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Update {Audrey turns 4}

Our playgroup met at the Blue Bell Creamery that afternoon for a tour.
Before heading in Miss Hadley Joy was finishing her lunch and I snapped a picture or two.

Hadley tried to be festive and wore an ice cream dress. ;)

Group picture minus 3.

Hadley was sportin' some cute arm candy.

We couldn't take pictures on the actual tour but here's some of the kids watching the movie and the history of Blue Bell.

After the tour everyone got a sample and there were LOTS of choices.
Hadley and Jai had a hard time deciding on one.

Everyone enjoyed their flavor of choice!
Hadley got birthday cake, yum!

We left straight from our playdate for Rogers.  
We had dinner at Olive Garden with the parentals and Jonathan.  Then, I headed over to Jolene and Ryan's to help make burgers for Audrey's party, while watching The Wedding Planner and eating leftover Easter candy.

Audrey's 4th Birthday was Saturday and was a ton of fun!
Here are some of the high-points:









That night we all went to dinner at Maria's and Hadley dominated some cheese dip.

We all went to church together and had a filling lunch at Hibachi.  This morning's service was great and one of Jolene's foster children decided to be baptized!  I'm not able to post any pictures but I just had to share, I'm so excited!!
Due to the weather Hadley and I decided to stay another night.  So, Jolene and the kids came over to Mimi and Pap-pa's to play for a bit after dinner .

Silly girls!

This morning we headed out at 7:20am so we could make it back for swim lessons.  

I didn't have any chapstick in the car and Hadley needed some. I ended up giving her my gloss. 
I think she got a little outside the lines.  =)

After swim lessons we went to Hobby Lobby and then Wal-Mart.
I'm sure this is one of the pictures on the cart with a line through it, but it was the only way I could get her to ride "in" the cart today.

In the Wal-Mart parking lot I noticed this.  
Before swim lessons I stopped by the house to unload some stuff and get our bathing suits I also took my coffee mug out and set it on top.  How it made it on the highway and to 3 different locations without falling off and breaking I have NO idea. 

I got a couple sweet pictures of my baby girl while she was zoned out, watching Hop, on the couch.
Not baby feet, but still sweet.

When Andrew got home he grilled and pushed Hadley on the swing while I mowed.
Can you tell this girl LOVES to swing?!

After dinner we enjoyed this little jewel we picked up grocery shopping today.

OH!  We also got our pictures in this afternoon.  So naturally I had Andrew hang them when he got home.
I love them!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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