Wednesday, August 1, 2012

145 Days Late

Let me start by explaining my title, ha.  I downloaded a tracker on my iphone and it's been keeping count since I started my shots back in February and I am now up to 145 days late.  I really don't mind but I do wish it was because I was pregnant and not for 'menopause', ha.  =)

Moving on....
I honestly never thought I would get here right now; 
1.) Because when they told me back in January that I would be starting a series of shots for the next 6 months (this was before we could even think about having anymore kids), I thought for sure it would be forever.
2.) Because this month actually marks 2 years since we've started trying.  I thought without a doubt last year when we passed a year we wouldn't make it to this point again without getting a positive test.  Somehow God always has a way of reminding us we're not in control and because we aren't He has taught us several things we really needed to know: about ourselves, our marriage and our little family.

Sometimes time is really a blur to me but I started looking at pictures of Hadley from when we had first moved to Tulsa.  The first picture was taken in September and the next picture was just a few weeks ago.  This is how much my baby girl has changed since we started this process and it blows my mind!
It has been such a blessing to have so much one-on-one time with this girl!
Andrew and I have been blessed to keep a pretty positive attitude throughout this process but it's only been though God and the prayers and thoughts of all of our wonderful friends.  I've only made it public in the last year but we are so thankful for all of you who have been there.

*Warning: Vanity Rant*
Some of you may have already heard me complain about this, and if so I'm sorry.  As I said just earlier I've tried to stay pretty positive throughout this process but since I started the shots in February the scale at my house is making me feel otherwise.  I mean seriously, I haven't had a cycle and I'm gaining weight but neither are related to being pregnant. URGH!  Where I am now I've only seen while pregnant and..... my freshman year of college. =/
Anyway if you notice you don't have to say anything and just know I'm blaming it on the hormones...or lack there of. Haha...

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Just for the record, skinny mini, I have yet to notice ANY weight gain in your pictures!!! I think you look beautiful and exactly the same. We're thinking of you often and keep you in our prayers. I know God has great plans for another little Norman, just around the corner!! :))


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