Friday, August 3, 2012

Hadley Update

This last week has been one for the history books at The Norman House.
My last Hadley update I left you with our trip to the Urgent Care on Sunday, where they diagnosed her with Oral Stomatitis (basically sore ALL over her mouth) and gave us a cream for the sores on the outside of her mouth. 

The PA at the Urgent Care suggested continuing to brush her teeth just doing the tops and trying to stay away from her gums.  Well, she screamed bloody murder and looked like this for about 10 minutes after. ( I won't even mention what I looked like, but imagine the same.) After talking with several people and her pediatrician we're stopping the teeth brushing until all the sores are gone.
Bless it!

The rest of the day was pretty lazy other than alternating Tylenol/Motrin every 4 hours to fight her 101* temp, applying the cream to her mouth sores and rinsing her mouth with the Benadryl/Mylanta mixture.

When Andrew got home I volunteered to go get more medicine for Hadley as we were running low.
In my outing I went to get a spray tan, as I have not really been outside in almost 3 weeks.  I got all ready and right before it started spraying I realized I didn't have my hair net on.  I frantically jumped out grabbed it and rushed to put it on before the spray began.  Lucky for me I have cat-like reflexes and was able to get it on in just enough time.  Unfortunately, that was just enough to make my attempt at a relaxing outing into a non-relaxing outing. =/

Hadley, as mosts days to this point, was pretty puny.  The last few days up to this point she had spent crying anytime she swallowed, drank or ate, so I made her a doctor's appointment for that afternoon. 

The only thing she was interested in doing that morning was curling up in mommy and daddy's bed and watching a movie.

The doctor's appointment went fairly well.  They told us pretty much the same thing as the Urgent Care, "Its a virus, just let it run its course.... blah, blah, blah" and prescribed some tetracaine suckers to numb her mouth.  Thinking it may help her eat and drink more.

That night I had a meeting to go to, but before heading out we got take-out from Pei Wei.  This was my fortune cookie.  It was almost like it knew the kind of day I had, haha.

Wednesday was a pretty lazy day.  Hadley was pretty miserable and the only thing she was really up for was movies. (A recurring theme for the week.)

We had "Chick-a-flick" for dinner and Hadley sported her jammies and Goofy slippers.

About 12:00 in the morning Hadley woke up screaming and we couldn't get her calmed down.  Once I turned on the lights I noticed her mouth filling with blood so I TOTALLY freaked out and since we were already worried about her being dehydrated we went to the ER.

We headed to Hillcrest in midtown first, checked in and after waiting 20 minutes for one of the 8 people in front of us to go back we left and headed to St. Francis.  Thankfully, she got in immediately and we were able to see the doctor within about 5 minutes of getting in a room.
The word was... "Its a virus, you just need to let it run its course."
They did also say we could increase Tylenol/Motrin to every 3 hours, increase the use of her tetracaine suckers and push liquids every 15 minutes. They didn't think she was to the point of needing IV fluids and lucky for them she went potty while we were there (first time in 15 hours).  If that hadn't happened I might have turned into a VERY angry bear.  Oh and they said the mouth full of blood was nothing to worry about (YEAH RIGHT!) it was just from her sores.  After all that (2:00am) we went home and Hadley slept solid till 8:30.  This was the first night she has slept all night since last Thursday.

Just wanted to document that our bathroom looks like a pharmacy.

An upclose view of her face sores. =(
Sadly Hadley is a picker and although the sores on the inside of her mouth seem to be getting better, she keeps picking at the ones on the outside, thus spreading them.  Hints the newer ones on her cheek.

Apparently Hadley just needed to scare us really bad and make a trip to the ER because she was a completely different kid.  Still not 100% but far better than what she's been the last few days.
I even got her to eat a small, soggy bowl of cereal!!  And she's been requesting stuff to drink, HOORAY!

I think we're both feeling much better so in celebration we got dinner together before Andrew got home.  Hadley had the calculator ready so I could get the most precise measurements.  She's such a good helper. =)

Between not really eating and only drinking enough to survive, Hadley has gone from 35 lbs to 29 lbs since Sunday.  Well now that Hadley has starting eating a little bit we need reverse that so we decided to make no-bake cookies for dessert.

Hadley got us matching headbands (same design just different colors), Andrew had pink. =)


Thank you for all the prayers, they really seem to be working!!

Hopefully my next report will be that all is well and good at the Norman house.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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