Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Update {Our Anniversary}

Our Weekend...

Andrew had OB clinic this last week and got off at noon on Friday.  My parents came into town with Audrey to watch the Hads while we had a little getaway. Before heading out we all met for a quick lunch at Panda Express.

After lunch we headed to OKC.  
My wonderful husband booked us a room at the Colcord in Bricktown, which is actually where we stayed last year. (I would be TOTALLY fine if this became a regular anniversary thing.)
Oh and a plate of chocolate covered strawberries was waiting for us.  Yes, he's amazing and it gets better. =)

I got really excited while looking around in the room and Andrew came to find me with this, ha.  
(Meant to be read VERY country/redneck: We ain't got them there soft blankety things in R-can-saw.) 
Incase you're questioning just what I would post on my blog.  I am in fact fully clothed under this robe.
 I might not be that country but I don't stay at many hotels that have really nice robes.  I wonder if Days Inn has a suggestion box on their website?  ;)

Me and my honey before heading out to dinner. 

We decided to walk because its fun to walk in Bricktown and the restaurant we had reservations for was just down the road.
While on our stroll I pulled out my phone and we struck a "model pose."
Oh my stars, Bahaha.... Yes dorky, but we used to do it all the time just to be funny. We call them our Mary-Kate and Ashley faces.
 The face that Andrew is wearing is one of the million reasons why I married him 6 years ago.  He kills me.  And don't be fooled thinking Andrew just did it for me (that's a good portion of it) but he was pretty excited about seeing the picture afterwards.  In fact, if memory serves correct I think this was a retake, the first just wouldn't do.  =)

So dinner was at The Melting Pot (told you it would get better).  We actually did Melting Pot for our 2nd anniversary which was during the Beijing Olympics.  So maybe we'll make this an every 4 year thing. =)

Believe me it tasted as good as it looked!
Because we are so awesome we pretty much called it a night and headed back to the hotel to get in our jammies and watch the Olympics.  To our defense we don't have cable so watching the Olympics is just as exciting as going out to a movie. =)

I also took some time to enjoy the view of the Botanical Gardens from our room.

I introduced Andrew to the relatively new outlets in OKC.  But before we left the hotel we had to get a picture.

And we had lunch in the botanical gardens. =)

We didn't buy a whole lot but we each had one thing that was on our mission list and we found them, YAY!  
Andrew got a new duffle (I know it's strange that it was on his mission list, but the man packs in a SW Airlines bag, enough said.) and we found it for 60% off at Wilson's Leather, WOOHOO! 

 I also got a bag.  I have been on the hunt for several months for the perfect black a gold bag and I finally have it!! Added bonus mine was 40% off!

With all the hard work we put in we took a break for some Auntie Anne's.

After breezing through a couple others stores we headed back to Tulsa.  We didn't have to be back in responsible parent mode till Sunday, so we got a room in Tulsa, went to dinner and watched the new Bourne Legacy movie.  I love it when I get to spend all this time with my husband.  =)

Meanwhile in T-town....

They went to the Zoo.

The petting zoo was apparently lots of fun.
Hadley seemed to think a piece of poop was food for the goats and picked it up to feed one of them. (Yep... that's my kid.) So glad I wasn't there.

*Sea Lions*

Some other animals the girls enjoyed.

Taking a stroll through the bamboo.

Who doesn't enjoy a nice ride on a tortoise?
(J/K the tortoise they are on is a statue.)

Mom and dad took the girls to Big Splash!

(I have to note the girls' hair.  Among my dad's many talents, he can french braid.)

I feel like I say this a lot but... 'Despite Hadley's face' I have a pretty good feeling she was excited about the day.
Mom and dad said they got there a little after 10 and didn't leave until around 4:30. They also said the girls probably would have stayed longer if they would have let them.  These girls love the water!

We met mom, dad and the girls at the house before heading to church.  After church we grabbed lunch at Qdoba and hung out for a while at the house before they had to head back to Rogers.  

I love how much fun Hadley has with her cousins.  I loved getting to spend time with my cousins, but we were so spread out we usually only got together for big family events like Christmas and Thanksgiving.  I consider myself blessed to have family close and even more blessed that the ones we aren't as geographically close with we still talk to or facetime with on a regular basis.  I especially love how excited Hadley gets when she knows she's getting ready to spend time with one of her cousins.

Family is such a blessing that I think we all to often take for granted.  Well, I had a weekend full of blessings.  Thank you mom and dad for watching Hadley and thank you Jolene and Ryan for letting Audrey spend the weekend with Hadley!!

I'll close with a few funny pictures Hadley and I took on my phone this afternoon.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Your anniversary weekend sounded amazing! I love that Andrew will do the model pose with you! I also love the story about Hadley feeding the goat. : )


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