Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SAA Meet N' Greet

I've got so much to catch you guys up on.  Instead of putting it all in one crazy long post I'm going to spread them out, you're welcome.  =)

Thursday was our first SAA event of the year.  I was a bit nervous and way excited.  =)

We were having pizza delivered and pot-lucking desserts, so Hadley and I made a simple box recipe.

She's great to have around in the kitchen.

And I got to use my personalized pyrex for the first time.

We had decided in our last meeting we would get there at 5:15 to set up, but since I was being an anxious bear we (Andrew, Hadley and I) got there around 3:30, ha.

I had the best helpers setting up tables!!

All prepared for the new members with packets, pens, name tags and membership forms.
 I love our t-shirts!

The kids stayed pretty entertained as well.

Each table was labeled as high, middle and low.  On those sheets also had 6 "get to know you" question for the table to ask each other during the 6 rounds.  I think we got to know our new members a lot more.

Our OSU Medicine Alumni made three AWESOME prize bags for the winners.

The team winner of the night, congrats ladies!
Allison (right) also won the most Buncos, which was the bag plus a P.F. Chang giftcard.  She got the card and we had a stand off for the final bag.

The "Bunco-Off" for the 2nd most Buncos, between Kirsten and Jessica.  It was riveting.

YAY Jessica, way to roll those dice!

This looks like a great group of ladies who are going to make this the best year ever!
And to think we actually had a handful more that weren't able to stay for the picture.
We had a great night and I can't wait for all the stuff we have going on this year.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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