Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Weekend Update {and some extra}

Thursday I had an SAA meeting.  Hadley and I grabbed Sonic and dinner.  Then, Andrew met us at the school, helped me set up for the meeting and took Hadley home.

I love Sonic runs with this girl!!

Friday Hadley and I had a few errands to run. Then we had a lunch date at McAlisters before we headed our separate ways for the weekend.
I headed to NWA for the weekend to celebrate my brother's 26th birthday while Andrew, Hadley and Jakers went to Searcy to see his family and so he could do his Fantasy Draft.  The league he's in there is VERY serious about their fantasy football.

The fam (-Jonathan, because he had to work) went to dinner at Colton's and I got to sit by this little cutie!!!
I actually spent the weekend at my sister's and her husband's house.  After dinner we had plans to get pretty crazy but opted for a relatively early bedtime.  ;)

Saturday I picked up my brother to make a Wal-Mart run for some items I needed for a project.  While we were there we discovered that Swamp People were coming so we decided to get our bracelets and wait in line.
We decided to get in line around 11:35 only to find out they weren't arriving until 12:30.  Needless to say it was a long wait and the line didn't really start moving until about 12:45, but it was so worth it.  (I'll be honest I have no idea who these people are, but Jonathan was excited thus I was excited.)

We were pretty excited at this point because we could finally see the front of the line.

This was taken right after Jonathan got him to say, "Choot 'em!!"

Dad and I spent the afternoon working on a project for Jonathan's birthday.
I'll have to update the final pictures later because we didn't finish.

We had a little free time before dinner so mom and I ran by the Promenade, where I found these.
I've been wanting a pair of clogs for Hadley this fall, preferably silver, but I found these at Crazy 8.  They were marked down to $8 from $32.  Then, when I checked out they came up at $4.99!!!  I guess Hadley will have 2 pairs of clogs this year!

Jonathan chose dinner at Mama Fu's and it was delicious!!!  He also got this yummy birthday cake!

I ran around for a little bit after dinner then headed back to Jo's for more snuggle time with Paige.
Jolene also fixed peanut butter toast with hot cocoa, while we kinda watched The Amercanization of Emily (1964), with Julie Andrews and James Garner.

Sunday, we went to church and came back to mom and dad's for lunch where they had prepared steaks, roasted potatoes, green beans, corn and rolls for Jonathan's actual birthday.  I ate way too much!!

Today Hadley and I ran several errands and stopped in at PBkids for me to find something and play a bit.

When Andrew got home we went to dinner with some friends to celebrate.  Nichole called this celebration dinner "YAY! No more taking drugs keeping me from having babies!"  It was very fitting!

They treated us to dinner and gave us the sweetest, most appropriate, card!!  
This amazing family is such an inspiration.  They have gone through everything Andrew and I are going through and more.  As you can see they have a sweet little boy and one on the way, God is good!!

After dinner Ryan and Hadley both got a gum ball.  They had been looking forward to this the whole meal.  =)

I can't believe we're in our last week of August.  Hadley has MDO open house Thursday, to meet her teacher, then she starts back a week from tomorrow!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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