Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Update {Shopping, Date Night & a Shower}

Hadley has been all about the tea parties lately and I love it!

She slaved away in her kitchen making these delicious cookies for her guests. 
 I was also on her phone a lot talking with some of the guests on location and time of the event.  Just when I thought I had talked to the last one she would let me know there was another one on the phone.  =)

I had also called her pediatrician about our ER rendezvous the night before and he decided that he wanted to see her because he too was questioning why her mouth was filling with blood.

Doctor visit #4 for the week.
He looked at her gums and touched them with gauze and they automatically started bleeding. The treatment he wanted us to do was "light" brushing once a day. (Easier said than done.) 

I went to Target to get new brushes (extra soft) because I had burned all the others.  And what did I see staring me in the face in the checkout line.
 Coincidence?.....I think not!

WE got home and did the retched light teeth-brushing and it was a mess.  (Sorry for the gore but this is my life right now.)

After that ordeal Hadley helped me give Jakers a bath and then kept him entertained with treats while I brushed. (Sorry for the missing shirt, it had to come off for the teeth brushing.)

My parents came in town for some relief, HOORAY!!!!  Andrew had to work, but dad offered to stay home with Hads while mom and I enjoyed some tax free shopping.

I don't know if you heard about all the Oklahoma Wildfires but while we were shopping the smoke started moving in and ash was falling.  Here was the difference in the sky from north to south.
 The sun was really creepy and red.  In fact this was my second attempt for this picture.  The first, I went to get my phone out only to look up and the sun was gulped up in a cloud of smoke, no where to be seen.

When we got home we played dress-up with Hadley's new loot and then she and Mimi sat down to look through the Hallmark Christmas Ornament catalog.

When Andrew got home mom and dad let us have a MUCH needed date night.  We went to dinner at Andolini's Pizzeria, where we had the best Margherita Pizza and this delicious dessert.

Its called the Italian Butter Cake
(The cake is part cheesecake, part pound cake, then its covered in whip cream, strawberries and drizzled in chocolate.  YES PLEASE!!)

After dinner we went to see Dark Knight Rises and loved it!  Aww... I love date nights!!

I was home with Hadley that morning while mom, dad and Andrew went to church.  When they got home we had a lunch from a pinterest recipe mom found.
Line a 13x9 pan in rows of new potatoes, chicken, and 2 cans of green beans (drained).  Melt a stick of butter and pour over and sprinkle with a packet of Italian dressing seasoning.  Bake for an hour at 350*.  Its amazing and so easy.  (Sorry no picture.)

After lunch I was helping to host a baby shower for my sweet friend Lori and baby Lyndie.

The beautiful invitation and the diaper cake I made.

Sallie made the cake and it was DELICIOUS!

Lori and her hostesses. (Minus Summer and Julie.)

The gift table before...

...and after
Miss Lyndie has been well taken care of.  =)

Lori got us the sweetest hostess gifts, personalized bake ware.  Goodness knows our class is always making meals for new babies so this was PERFECT!  Thank you Lori!

When I got home Hadley was having a blast in the pool.
Can you tell this kid is feeling better?
We appreciate all the prayers for Hadley to get better, they went to good use.  =)

Well this is another full week so hopefully we all stay well in the Norman house.  Oh and did I mention this is our anniversary week?  It will be 6 years, 6 days from now!  (the 12th)  Can't believe its been that long!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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