Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cece's T-Town Visit

Cece came in town Friday night while I was at the Meet N' Greet.  She bought a t-shirt for her and Pajee to "support [their] med student." 

She also came baring gifts from her mission trip to Brazil.  Hadley got a soccer ball and some Brazilian chocolates.  And she brought back some coffee for Andrew and I, WOOHOO!!

Saturday afternoon Cece helped me to make travel arrangements for my trip to San Diego in October.  OMED Convention is in San Diego this year and because I'm SAA president, State and Nationals are helping to send me.
Cece booked my flight and Andrew set up our (me and other SAA girls) room.  He found us an AMAZING rate at the US Grant in the Gaslamp District!!!
This will be our room from Sunday to Wednesday!

We had dinner at Ted's on Saturday and decided to be extra festive and get a Pineapple Jarritos to share.

Can you tell Hadley was excited about the rest of our night.

Cece and Andrew
He looks good in scrubs, huh?!  =)

The girls before heading out on our Girls Night.
The sun was in my eyes hints the major squinting.

We made a stop at the mall, because what Girls Night doesn't include a trip to the mall?

Hadley rode one of the electrical horses when we first walked in.  Even when I don't have any quarters she just likes to sit on it, ha.  =)

We made a stop by the Disney Store then to the carousel.

My little cutie ready to brave the rain.
After shopping we went to see Madagascar 3 in 3D at the $1 theater.

Since Andrew worked Saturday night we got up and went to early service so he could get to bed as soon as possible.  After class we had lunch at Panera and headed home so Cece could get her stuff together.  We were sad to see her leave but we'll see her soon.  =)

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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