Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young...

As much as I love dressing Hadley in cute outfits I occasionally feel like Hadley should have free reign in what she wears.  Since MDO starts next week, and I'll probably be picking out all of her outfits, I'm letting her use these last few days to practice her "free reign."  
Today's outfit:
Not too bad.

Post Shot Shout-Out:
I mentioned to you about the weight I gained while taking the lupron shots.  Well, after stepping on the scale this morning, I am proud to announce that since my last shot I have lost 8 lbs!!

Hadley and I picked up some stuff to give her teacher at open house Thursday afternoon and picked up some baby stuff for a shower I have Thursday evening.

We took a lunch break and while looking for a spot we saw this parking fail.

I also got this picture of Hadley, check out the pose, ha.  I have no idea!

Outside one of the stores we saw piles of dead crickets.  
I guess they fogged them because it smelled kind of smokey and these were all dead.

After those errands we came home and played outside.  Until I took this picture of Jake and realized he drastically needs grooming. 
 I called to set up an appointment but he needed his shots updated before he could come in.

Luckily you can just walk-in to get shots so we loaded up and headed to the vet.  Jake's good to go now and Hadley found a friend.  =)

When we got home, Hadley resumed her outside play and ran around like crazy.

While I got dinner ready Hadley Pumpkin Fairy was entertaining us with some dance moves.  She's really excited because we set-up a trial dance/gymnastics class for next week to see what she thinks.

After dinner Andrew and Hadley enjoyed some Oreos for dessert.

Bedtime routine is a favorite around here, Hadley and her daddy have it all set-up.  After bath time it's a short Bible story, prayers and then her memory verses.

I have to note Hadley's PJs.  Her Cece got these for her for next summer because they are a 5T.  I thought I'd try them on because they were pretty cute.... and they fit! *sigh*

Here's a snip from one of her verses.  =)
1 Timothy 4:12

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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