Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hadley's Half Birthday!!

Well, her half birthday isn't actually here until Sunday at 3:29am, but the Hadster and I will be out of town through the rest of this weekend as of tomorrow morning, so I thought I should go ahead and post on it.

Happy 1/2 Birthday my sweet Hadley Marie!!! The past 18 months have gone by so fast I can't believe how grown up you are. You started out a little on the small side at 6.10 lbs. then dropping to 6.2 lbs. before heading home from the hospital. It didn't take long for you to gain those ounces, and then some, back!! Since you were 2 months you have been in the 90% and above for height. And your weight has been as low as the 50% but also as high as 95%.

I put together a collage of the last 18 months, so you too can see how much she's grown.

Some of your favorite things right now:

  • "Belle" and "Beast"- Beauty and the Beast
  • "Sorry"- you apologize for everything
  • Nightly Bible stories- we forgot one night when we were out of town and when daddy went to check on you you were crying and saying, "Bible...Bible..."
  • You can identify: eye, ear, nose, knee, belly button, mouth, teeth, toes, fingers, shoulders, tongue, hair, head, all direct family members, milk "gulk", among other things
  • Besides Raja "ShaSha" you have added some new members to your bed at night including; 2 ducks "ducts" and Elmo "Melmo"
  • Your favorite food right now is corn on the cob
  • You are such a good help in the kitchen
  • You love to pick out your own shoes
  • You LOVE to color and you don't limit yourself to just paper :/

I love you baby girl and I can't wait to celebrate so many more birthdays and 1/2 birthdays with you!!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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