Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday!

Today had been a pretty busy day. Hadley and I had lunch with some girlfriends at Nibbles for a belated birthday celebration, YUM!!! Then we went home for Hadley's nap. I got some more Christmas decorating done and when she got up we ran to Gordman's and then to Target. When we got home Andrew was there too. He got the tree out of the garage and we did our annual tree decorating traditions: Order a pizza, put on silly Christmas hats, watch Christmas Vacation and DECORATE the tree!!! But of course today is Tuesday so we had to bake as well!!!

Today's baking activity:
Ingredients: Frosting (Vanilla & Chocolate), Sugar Cookie dough, candy corn, chocolate chips, oh and paper or hand cookie cutter
Trace your hands.
Cut them out
Roll out dough.
Trace around hand cutout.
I did cookie cutters with the rest to save time.
Separate vanilla frosting into three bowls and color. (yellow, orange, red) * Remember red and yellow make orange in case you can't find orange food coloring.
Place frosting (including chocolate) in sandwich bags to use as piping bag.
Cut a very small hole in corner of bag.
Now DECORATE your heart out.
Hadley loved decorating hers too.
Here's our turkey family. (They got a little toasty due to me being preoccupied with decorating.)
All my turkeys in a row!!
I'll try to post the weekend update soon, sorry I'm behind.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. how cute!!! I had to trace Connor's hand the other day and it proved to be quite difficult!


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