Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Shakin' Bakin' Tuesday!

Well, the past few Tuesdays have been dedicated to lunch dates celebrating birthdays for some girlfriends at church. This week was Holly's birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET HOLLY!!! We ate at Fudruckers with all our girls, oh the fun we had.

Hadley telling me the toys she liked out of the Target toy catalog.
Sweet girls!
Erin & Emmy!
Hadley & I
(My favorite part is Bella in the background.)
Holly & Mer (Sorry its blurry)

Today was also Hadley's 18 month appointment. She was literally climbing all over the walls!!!
(Height: 33 1/2" (86%) Weight: 26 lbs. (71%))

Pilgrim Hats
Special thanks to Ashley for this wonderful idea!!! Ingredients: Fudge Rounds, chocolate almond bark, jumbo marshmallows, icing, yellow food color.
Place Fudge Rounds face down.
Mix a small portion of icing with yellow food coloring.
Place in sandwich bag to be used for piping.
Melt Almond Bark
Cover marshmallows completely
Goof off a bit...
Place chocolate covered marshmallows atop the fudge rounds.
Once chocolate has dried pipe a buckle onto your marshmallow... and there you have a PILGRIM HAT!
Trying it on for size!
Hadley tried one on too. She also ate hers and LOVED it!!
Lots of fun was had in the Norman home today!!! Hope your home was filled with fun as well!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. love, love all your updates. and i love your weekly treat that you and hadley make. if you guys ever need a place to stay in little rock, y'all can stay with us. just wanted you to know that with the holidays coming up. i know your inlaws dont live far from us, but if you need to stop and take a break, come on over. miss you!


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