Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And We're Off {by: Hadley}

So my mom is letting me do all the talking for these next few posts and I'm so excited! I don't know if I'm more excited about actually going to Disney World or that I get to tell you guys all about my awesome trip! (Just kidding I'm so much more excited about going to Disney World, no offense.) Well, from my house its almost 1200 miles to Disney World and we're driving the whole thing. =/ I really can't complain to much because I got THE HOOK UP!

Check out just some of the awesome entertainment my Mimi & Pap-pa got me just for the trip!

Here's some other stuff I got for my birthday that my mom has been saving for the trip.

My mom also got me this totally awesome Tinker Bell luggage tag. Doesn't it match PERFECT!

This is a picture all our bags before being loaded up in the car. Keep in mind none of my entertainment items are in this picture. Those have to be close to me of course.

Yes I know I'm not smiling. I tried to get my mom to take another but I think she was just a little excited to get on the road so this is what I have to live with.
(And yes anyone who's anyone going to Disney needs some Minnie Mouse glasses like mine.)

Shortly after leaving my parents took this picture.
Dude... I was so tired. I helped my mom wash and vacuum out the car and I didn't get a nap. Minnie and I took a pretty serious snooze for the first bit. But I entertained my parents for the second half and then some.

So now we're at my PJ and Cece's house. We stopped here because our route had us going through Little Rock anyway. Also we had to drop Jake off because he's staying with them while we are chillin' with Mickey.

My parents said we're leaving tonight around 6 or 7 and they're going to drive through the night. I know what you're thinking and I think they're a little crazy too. I also think I heard them talking about how they wanted to drive as much as they could while I was asleep. Huh, I can't imagine why they wouldn't want to spend as much time with me awake on this trip?.?.?

905 miles to go!
Hadley =)

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