Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Zoo Date!

So today we had a zoo date with "Baby Hadley" and her momma.

The Hadleys before heading into the zoo.

Mommy & Hadley

Hadley LOVED the elephant. As soon as we got to the exhibit Hadley asked to get out and ran right up to the viewing deck.

I also had a hard time pulling her away from the penguin exhibit today. She is absolutely obsessed with water and even though the penguins were cool she just kept yelling, "Water, water!"

"That little guy, oh I wouldn't worry about that little guy."
So while heading to the front of the zoo we pass several security people as well as several zoo keepers with nets. At first I thought these monkeys had gotten out of their habitat and they were trying to catch them, but then I saw a sign with their info on it. Jessica then asked the security guard what was going on to which he responded, "I'm sorry I can't tell you that." Creepy!!!!

Shortly after that weirdness we arrived at the chimps. One of the babies threw a t-shirt over his head and started jumping around, then jumped right in front of where Hadley was standing and said, "Ooh, ooh!" I think she was star struck because she didn't really respond, ha!
Later, this big guy sat down right in front of her and just stared. Again, Hadley was unfazed.

To wrap up we rode the train. While we waited Hadley ran up and down the bench to burn off some extra energy.
Embarrassing Zoo Moment:
So as I mentioned earlier we had to wait for the next train to arrive. As the train pulled in Hadley got really excited. I began gathering our things and looking for our tickets when I hear Hadley yell, "Dora, Dora!!!" I look up expecting to see a Dora lunchbox, backpack, or t-shirt, but regrettably what I actually looked up to see was a little Hispanic girl with a blue backpack getting off the train, "AHHH!!!" I quickly start to shoosh her and explain that she is NOT Dora in hopes that she stops yelling before anyone else notices. I unfortunately think this is just the beginning to a long chain of embarrassing moments.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. OK...the DORA moment is hysterical!!! Gave me a great morning laugh :))


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