Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disney {Ride & Arrival}

Well, we left my Cece and PJ's house Wednesday around dinner time and then went out for ice cream before getting on the road. All perfect ingredients to start a great road trip.

Shortly after getting on the road I did a little of this. And it was just a little, I mean its kinda hard to really enjoy a road trip if you're asleep. So I stayed up almost the WHOLE time! I think my parents were pretty pumped about my change in plans. Although they were lookin' pretty rough a few hours into the trip.

This was pretty much me for the rest of the trip.
(No you can NOT have my cashews!)

I fell asleep in the last part of Arkansas, woke up in Tennessee and was awake through all of Mississippi. I made it through most of Alabama, but missed Georgia completely and then woke up again for the final stretch in Florida. I think I slept about 5 hours the whole 16 hour trip. It was AWESOME!!!


Our Resort:
All-Star Movies

Pretty cool pool.
(They also have a little kiddy pool with shoot up fountains, that you'll see on a later post.)

The were several sections and all of them had different movie themes.
This one was Fantasia.
The Love Bug

Our section:
Andy's bedroom, I love TOY STORY, it was AWESOME!
Buzz Lightyear
Rex, Woody, Bo Peep and the Army Men

Giant Mickey checkers board. This was one of my favorite things, anytime we walked by I would play on them.

Our Room
How did they know I love Minnie Mouse?!?!
Yep, that's Buzz and Woody on the wall. I got to sleep right next to them.

After my parents got all the stuff out of our car we went to eat at this cool restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Sanaa.
You could look out the window from our table and see GIRAFFES!
I called it an early night. (Only in preperation for Epcot.) I went to bed at 6:30p and woke well refreshed at 8:30a ready to have a rockin' awesome day.

Check back for updates on Epcot!
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