Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Past few Days

Yesterday was a full day of grocery shopping, cleaning and randomness and I loved it!

Hadley started the day with grabbing two of my body spray bottles and switched the lids back and forth for a good 5-10 minutes.
My beautiful baby before going to Wal-Mart.
The outfit couldn't have been complete without the monkey rain boots.

A girlfriend came over to help me make the monkey faces for the cupcakes. We made the faces out of molding chocolate, which is made from 1 package white chocolate chips, light Karo syrup and the colors you want to dye it with.
Microwave chocolate 1 minute at a time. Once melted, add coloring. When you have reached your desired coloring add 1/3 cup Karo for every one package of chips used.
Once you've added your Karo it will start getting hard. Flatten out the chocolate and refrigerate until completely firm. Remove from refrigerator and handle until chocolate become manipulable and form into your design.
It taste like a tootsie roll!
The faces.
(I'm planning to pipe the rest of the face on after its been placed on the cupcake.)

After nap we went out to play on this beautiful day. Hadley had a few musts in order to go outside: "Princess" (headband), bear, fox, raccoon, 1 plate to her tea set, and her turtle slippers. (I have no idea.)
I enjoyed some of this while Hadley played.

This evening I went to a dinner for SAA to send off the seniors and initiate new officers. Tonight I was initiated as SAA's new secretary.
While I was at dinner, Hadley and Andrew worked on a special Mother's Day gift for me. (I had no idea they were doing this.) My wonderful husband did such a great job taking pictures during the process and here they are.

I know its early but we have lots of craziness going on this weekend and Andrew just couldn't wait. Can you blame him? They did such a great job!!!

Thanks for checkin' in!

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  1. I can't wait to see the cupcakes! And that is so sweet of them!

  2. I love the mother's day project! What a sweet husband! : )

  3. That is AB-SO-Lutely the BEST flower arrangement I've ever seen! 3 cheers for creative Daddies who play with their daughters and treat their wives like queens!


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