Friday, May 13, 2011

T.G.I.F. Favorites!

My favorites from the past week!

Hadley's Favorite toy of the week:
This and pretty much everything else she got at her party, seriously if she's not wearing them then she's sleeping with them, ha!

Favorite Hadley Picture:
Rockin' her new life vest. =)

Favorite Events:
Hadley's Birthday...of course. =)

The goody table.
Birthday Outfit & Bow!
Wardrobe change after the water table!

Mother's Day!
Not only did my husband and daughter make me that beautiful flower arrangement, but I also got this wonderful outdoor furniture. I got it a little early as well that way we had seating for guests at Hadley's party.

First women's bible study of the summer! Can't wait for the rest, I've missed you girls!

Favorite Hadley Quotes:
"I don't want to."
"Icky bug did it."
"I jumpin' high!"

My least favorite part of the week:
Hadley's 1st wasp sting. =(

Favorite Hadley Moment:
Hadley's doll house came with two babies and Hadley has really opened up to her mothering side. The other day she was in the living room and her babies were in the kitchen with me. She came running in yelling, "OH NO, OH NO!!" Then she cradled both babies in her hands and started bouncing them next to her face saying, "Oh no, its okay, its okay."

Favorite running thought:
Disney in T-minus 6 days. (We actually leave in 4!)

Thanks for checkin' in!!

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