Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disney {Animal Kingdom & MGM}

The ride to Animal Kingdom.

Tree of Life

The music man outside of Tusker House.

Mom and I patiently waiting for our name to be called at the Tusker House.

Donald was there too but I got a picture with him outside on the Disney camera and I couldn't scan it in. (I know your surprised a 2 year old can't scan but it has a bunch of steps. Its not really developmentally appropriate for me.)

After lunch I got my face painted like Tinker Bell. I also began introducing myself as Tinker Bell for the rest of the day.

The safari ride was so much fun I got to see a lot of animals.
My parents obviously aren't very good at taking these kinda pictures.
Some of the cool animals.
Best part of the safari was we saved this little elephant from poachers. I'm pretty sure this elephant is not real and neither were the poachers, but I went along with it because my parents were really into it.

Me and the parentals with Meeko from Pocahontas.

Lion King Festival was pretty cool too.
I danced the whole time.
On our way to the bathroom after the show we ran into Bambi's friend Thumper.

Moving onto Hollywood Studios or as my old school mom still calls it, MGM.
Waiting for the parade to start when we got in.


Handy Manny

I also got to watch the Little Mermaid show. I LOVE The Little Mermaid!!

My dad went to ride the Tower of Terror, while mom and I saw Beauty and the Beast.

Great show!
Me and the mom. =)

When we got back to our resort I got to do a character portrait.

Of course on the way back to our room I had to jump off a couple checker pieces.

Check back for Downtown Disney!
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