Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Update!

Before we went out of town for the weekend I needed to get an oil change in my car. We took it to the dealerships new location and it was an awesome set up. They had this cool playroom for the little kids. They also had a room with nice tables and vending machines so you could bring your lunch, a THEATER ROOM (no lie), and all the other chairs were comfy leather recliners. To top it all off they had complimentary coffee, bottled water, and donuts!

We had lunch with some friends at Cantina Laredo friday on the patio to enjoy some beautiful sunshine!

After lunch I went to visit my friend Melanie. She's doing great and so are the babies incase you have been wondering. Hadley and I brought her a Sonic slush and just chit chatted and watched a bit of the Royal Wedding.

Friday night Hadley and Addy had a girls night with CeCe & PJ (Pajee)
Friday night we had a wonderful dinner with Josh and Ashley and it was so much fun!

Saturday we celebrated Trey's 5th birthday at The Fun Factory in Cabot!!
Lots of fun was had!
And lots of yummy Toy Story cake was had as well!!

After the party we headed back to PJ and CeCe's house to play some more, while the boys played a round of golf. When they got back J.O. went to put his clubs in Tamra's car to find this...
(The car locked with the keys still inside, haha!!!)

Addy & Tamra challenged Andrew to a pick up game before heading home in CeCe's car.

Today we had an amazing lunch at Andrew's grandparents house and then headed back to T-Town as quick as possible because the roads were beginning to close due to rising water.

Signs such as these were marking some of the roads. I laughed so hard when I saw these because.... Well, DUH!!!!!!!

The trip started going about like this.
and then like this....
So we decided it was a good time to do this...
(Cracker Barrel BABY!)

Finally we arrived safe and sound. It was a rough/long ride home but nothing a little oreos, milk, and ice cream couldn't help. =)

We also drove through Vilonia, AR on our way home and I couldn't help but cry just looking around. There were so many homes destroyed and they can't get a break. As we were driving through it was pouring rain and people were still trying to get their homes covered.
Please pray for these families as well as ALL the other families involved in all these tornados.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. 1. Every oil change place should be that kid friendly.
    2. Yikes to that picture of me.
    3. LOVE that picture of you and Hadley!
    4. Jealous of the lunch at Carol's!!!


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