Thursday, May 5, 2011

T.G.I.F. Favorites

The weekly recap . . .

My favorite place EVER to get my oil changed, Don Carlton. They had everything: a play area for kids, coffee, recliners, and a theater room. Amazing!

A couple of my favorite Hadley quotes from the week:
"I's jumpinin!"
"Its rainin... outside!"
(with extra emphasis on the "outside")

My favorite picture of Hadley from this week:

My favorite Hadley break through:
Hadley as you know can count. Well, as of this past weekend she has started associating the counting with objects. For example, tonight at dinner she grabbed the jelly off the table and began counting them. Last weekend she counted the sticks in the triangle game at Cracker Barrel.

My favorite random acquirement:
Hadley has started marching around the house and when she does she lets you know by yelling, "I marchinin, I marchinin!" I say this is random because neither Andrew nor myself have taught her about marching. I guess she picked it up in Bible class.

Most favorite Mother's Day gift EVER!!!

My favorite zoo trip of the year so far. The weather was perfect, Hadley was excited about all the animals, and it wore her out to the point she took a 2+ hour nap.
I would love to hear any funny stories or favorite things about your past week!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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