Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cocoa & Cardio

Not a whole lot to blog about today, it was the laziest of lazy days. We have had yet another snow day to spend with Andrew and he's already gotten an e-mail telling him NO school tomorrow either! Wow, he only went to school on Monday this week. And we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow, Sunday, and Monday. Incase you got confused, no we have not recently taken up residence in Michigan or Pennsylvania, we actually still live in Oklahoma, but an easy misconception with all the snow we've had. =)

So today we all spent the day in our pjs and when Hadley went down for her nap, I made homemade hot cocoa for Andrew and I, yum! (Click -->here<-- for the recipe)
Due to the fact we have been house bound for the last 3 days we decided to get some physical activity in as well, so we popped in the P90X, CardioX DVD and went to town. Hadley actually participated in some of the routines as well. I wish I had pictures to show, because she was incredibly cute. Everytime we went into downward facing dog she would run back and forth under Andrew's stomach.

For dinner we had delicious homemade chili made by our sweet neighbor Gary, who traded us that for some homemade snow ice cream. We can all attest it was some really good chili!!!

Well I need to get my game face on because Andrew has challenged me to a game of old school Nintendo, which I'm horrible at. Wish me luck!!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. I can't believe y'all are still snowed in. Now I'm not as jealous! :)

  2. Old School Nintendo!!! Jolene and I were obsessed with Mario Brothers. I remember one Saturday night I was staying at the house with her and we stayed up until 5:00 a.m. playing. Your dad walked in and COULD NOT BELIEVE we hadn't been to bed before church. Oops!! Love it!! Good luck beating Andrew!


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