Thursday, February 24, 2011

Counting & Kindles

Today was one of those mornings where you roll over and say, "Is it really time to get up?!?" It was dark and rainy today and I wanted nothing more than to take full advantage and sleep in but my wonderful, brilliant, sweet daughter had other plans. =) CeCe was in town so I helped her with some stuff she's working on for her upcoming Holy Land Tour, FUN!!! Then we headed to lunch at Wild Fork, where I got the Roasted Chicken Salad and it was amazing. We walked around Utica Square for a little while after eating mainly just following Hadley as she discovered every puddle worth jumping in.
Good to go in her stylin' rain coat.

When we got home Andrew was there, so we all hung out for a while before CeCe had to leave. In the midst of hanging out Hadley showed off her counting skills, she can count to 10 all by herself!!! Sorry its sideways my other one
(the correct direction) wouldn't upload.

Oh and Andrew's birthday present came in today and me being the patient person I am gave it to him today, ha! I'm pretty sure he liked it!! Bless his heart he's been reading books on the Kindle app from his iphone's little screen. It will be much easier to see now and it will have more than 2 sentences per page.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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