Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Update!

This was another busy weekend, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Friday morning we met some friends for a play date at the park.

My little monkey!

Sweet baby Kipton in his elephant hat.

Gracie, Jaxie and Bella in the background.

Swinging with Sadye!

Poor Jai had to go to timeout. =(
(He has issues with personal space and tends to hit if you invade.)

Baby Hadley, supporting OSU!

Lovin' Gracie's pigtails!
After the park we went into McDonald's for some lunch, before heading to Rogers. While we were there the lady checking us out called Hadley, "little guy" and proceeded to put a boy toy in her HappyMeal. She was wearing a hat, yes, but it was pink with a bow on it and she had ruffles on her shirt, flowers on her pants and flowers on her shoes . . . Oh well, I tried.

I thought taking her to the park would wear her out for the trip, so she would sleep, but the picture below was taken as we got into Springdale. For those of you who don't know that's like 10-15 minutes (max) to my parents house, SERIOUSLY!!

After checking in at my parents and saying hi to Mimi we took Uncle Willie, my brother Jonathan, to pick up Audrey. Once we got her we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner.
After dinner we went to the Rogers v. Heritage basketball game and by then we were worn out.

Audrey had a soccer game Saturday morning so we went to watch her play. Hadley and I spent most of our time playing outside because she couldn't understand why she wasn't aloud to go out and play soccer with Audrey.

Audrey's a natural!

After they called the game Hadley was the first one out there to play.
After the game my mom, Hadley and I all went shopping and got some really good deals on clothes for the Hadster this spring/summer. Saturday was also my dad's birthday so we went to dinner at Olive Garden that night.

Hadley watching Cinderella, before leaving the house.

Silly girls.
(This is a phone pic, sorry its fuzzy.)

Love this girl!!

Audrey in her "pretty dress!"

The girls with their Pap-pa/birthday guy!!
After dinner Hadley and I headed back home, so we would be able to go to church with Andrew.


Today we had a "New Members Lunch" after services, and it was great. We've been here since the summer and have met several people, but we still met several new people today. We absolutely love the church we are at, we are so blessed!
Tonight we also met with our Community Groups and had a short devo. I love when we have CGs, really just for the camaraderie with the other families. We all have kids around the same ages and I love watching them interact together. Its also nice to see that if we stay here Hadley will have a good group of Christian friends to grow up with.

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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  1. Hadley is really starting to look like you I think! I love that picture of them chesing!

  2. Can you send some of your "go get it" motivation down here... Hadley's outfits are so cute! I went the other day to Target to get her some stuff and they were so picked over:( We need to get together when you are down! Please let us know!!!


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