Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's 2011!

Today was a great day aside from the Norman family now getting much sleep last night. The Hadster went to bed between 8 & 8:30 last night and then woke up at 12:30. Andrew had a test this morning so I went in with her and spent at least an hour trying to get her to bed. Finally I gave in and, I indeed DID, unfortunately, brought her to bed with us. It was sometime after one at this point and she really didn't go to bed for a while after that and slept horrible, thus we slept horrible all night. Then this morning at 6:15/6:30ish she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Needless to say I was not.) I had plans to make Hadley this big V-day breakfast and do her gifts then but kinda forgot because I was in a daze for the first couple hours.

Before we made our usual Wal-Mart run Hadley took a swig of her Fisher Price maple syrup, yum!
I know her eyes are shut but this was her get-up for V-day.

Happy Valentine's Day Hadley!
Hadley's surprise when she woke up from her nap this afternoon.

I loved how excited she was when she saw her high chair with all the goodies!
(Don't worry I only let her have like 2 or 3 Hershey Kisses.)

Trying out the lip gloss.

After her surprise she made her Valentine, Jai, a card. Which we forgot to bring with us tonight. Sorry Jai, we'll bring it Thursday.

There's always time for blocks.
Today Hadley did an awesome job identifying all the block colors, such a proud momma.


I also organized my folder for all the SAA playgroup stuff. We have a meeting tomorrow so I thought I should get organized. (Organizing makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.)

Today Andrew had a test and later in the afternoon all the MS1s (Med Student Year 1) got to meet and "work" on their first patient. Granted the patients are paid to come in there, but still, practice no less.
My MS1

Getting ready for V-Day dinner and I rocked my festive socks under my boots.

Our 7th Valentine's Day together.

After dinner we got in the car to pick up Hadley and were talking about how late it was and whether or not we thought she would still be awake. Then we looked down and it was only 9:27, it seriously felt like midnight!

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Thanks for checkin' in!!
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